Edmonton Towing Services

I needed a boost because of course my car didn’t start in our wonderful -40 weather and I was late for work and panicked and angry so I called Kingsway. I was expecting to wait forever since it was dead in the middle of winter and the roads were terrible but the driver was on scene in not even 20 minutes and boosted it very quickly and advised me to leave it running so it wouldn’t happen again. The driver was really kind as well and he handled the situation amazingly because I was definitely disgruntled and cold. Thank you guys so much, I know I can always count on you!!

Sarah B

On February 4th, 2016 I was on shift and required an F-350 loaded with junk to be towed. I had called a different company previously and they told me they could not secure the load properly and declined to do the call, so I had called Kingsway next. The driver was quick and efficient and told me “We never turn down a tow.” I can’t say enough how good it is to have tow drivers with such a positive attitude as he had. Our tows are not always easy vehicles or in good shape so it was nice to have drivers like these. Thanks to Kingsway Towing!

Lance P

Bylaw Issuer, Parking Enforcement

In April, 2016 I was completely down on luck with my car. Due to poor road maintenance, I was experiencing my second oil pan break in two months. After coming out of a movie we noticed oil everywhere and it was very late at night. Great, I was going to have to pay for yet another oil pan. When we saw the Kingsway truck, we were beyond grateful. We didn’t wait long at all and he calmed us right down. Thank you to Kingsway Towing for making a horrible night a much better one!!!

Natasha M

Getting in an accident can be a really stressful situation and your staff made it a lot easier. The tow truck driver was really great and the girls at the front were very accommodating. Just wanted to make a quick note to say how much I appreciated the kindness and professionalism of your team.

Gillian B

I came into the Kingsway office & yard today to grab the contents out of my vehicle that had been in an accident and Kingsway was the one who towed my vehicle. I wanted to say that the driver was very helpful & did a great job. This company has some of the kindest people I’ve ever met. The driver had me laughing and eased the stress of the accident a lot which is much appreciated.

Stuart O